Friday, February 22, 2013

Happy Friday!

I Went to a Sex Show and This Is What I Saw

I went to the Taboo Sex Show in Saskatoon a couple of weeks ago and these are some lack-luster pictures I took with my iPhone.  Enjoy!

This fucking dude.  I wish the picture wasn't blurry because he's an asshole on stilts.  He was there both nights I went (I went and stayed Friday but had to go back Saturday to return a vibrator--ugh--yes, that happened to me, of course).  Anywhore...dude, look at you life, look at your choices.
Some rando crap that was for sale, $20?  Whatever this is, so not worth it!
 Ben Wa balls!  Bahahahaha! Watch Archer, then you'll know why this is LOL.
I already like this game!
 Me posing with my fave toy. It was like meeting a celebrity.  A celebrity I've already fucked.
 No judgements but really?
Dallas wanted me to get these or the Superman ones and when I balked he said, "You don't get what guys think is hot." No but I get what I do and it's not a thick, cotton boyshort from Bangladesh.'s like on Maury when a formerly nerdy hot chick is about the emerge and confront her high school tormenter.  Exciting!
Obviously gay male strippers straddling your face for 5 seconds on a makeshift stage in Prairieland Park: $20
Dallas and I laughing at you: FREE
And of course the moms-cum-strippers flopped around lamely on the bar and almost got stuck and were tremendously hilarious.
As Dallas says, when you've been to Brandi's and seen a fit, sexy stripper hand upside down by her pinky, everything else looks like a sloth coming down off it's branches.


Ok, so...

A new development on the butt front...Buttgate?  I'm talking about anal here.  I have some previous posts.  Read them, duh!
Anyway, Dal was all into in and I was all...yeah, prolly no...and so I put my thing down flipped it and reversed it (all Missy style) on him and guess what? He didn't really like it.
It all started with him lubing me up and just deciding to go for it (he wasn't into my slow and steady wins the race method that was getting us nowhere) so he went for gold and I bucked like Black Beauty. Turn about is fair play *evil smile*...
Although he liked a vibrator on his butthole (as you do) he wasn't too keen on it penetrating his butt hymen.  It kind of made him want to vom.  Quelle suprise!
So now I'm totally off the hook.  I took it like a champ and gave it like Rocky Fucking Balboa. 
So, fuck you and the horse you rode in on.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I haven't posted in so long and I have so much to tell you! 
Butt...I am applying for jobs, planning a wedding (!!) and about to go grocery shopping (sexy!) so I will have to get back to you on that...really soon!