Friday, February 22, 2013

I Went to a Sex Show and This Is What I Saw

I went to the Taboo Sex Show in Saskatoon a couple of weeks ago and these are some lack-luster pictures I took with my iPhone.  Enjoy!

This fucking dude.  I wish the picture wasn't blurry because he's an asshole on stilts.  He was there both nights I went (I went and stayed Friday but had to go back Saturday to return a vibrator--ugh--yes, that happened to me, of course).  Anywhore...dude, look at you life, look at your choices.
Some rando crap that was for sale, $20?  Whatever this is, so not worth it!
 Ben Wa balls!  Bahahahaha! Watch Archer, then you'll know why this is LOL.
I already like this game!
 Me posing with my fave toy. It was like meeting a celebrity.  A celebrity I've already fucked.
 No judgements but really?
Dallas wanted me to get these or the Superman ones and when I balked he said, "You don't get what guys think is hot." No but I get what I do and it's not a thick, cotton boyshort from Bangladesh.'s like on Maury when a formerly nerdy hot chick is about the emerge and confront her high school tormenter.  Exciting!
Obviously gay male strippers straddling your face for 5 seconds on a makeshift stage in Prairieland Park: $20
Dallas and I laughing at you: FREE
And of course the moms-cum-strippers flopped around lamely on the bar and almost got stuck and were tremendously hilarious.
As Dallas says, when you've been to Brandi's and seen a fit, sexy stripper hand upside down by her pinky, everything else looks like a sloth coming down off it's branches.


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