Thursday, December 6, 2012

Boob Jobs

What are your thoughts?  I don't really like my God-given boobs and never really have.  The areola's are too large, they are a bit saggy (they came in when I was like, 9, so...), one is slightly bigger than the other.  I dunno, they just aren't my fave.  That being said, I have never been afraid to show them to a sex partner because, as a stoned friend-of-a-friend of mine once confessed, men don't really care what they look like, they are just happy to see them.

But what if you are with the same dude over and over and they can, you know, really get in there and examine their flaws.  What then?  And what if, after having 2 kids they really take another nose-dive?  I dunno...
I don't have any tattoos and I don't plan on getting any botox or collagen or anything done elsewhere on my body.  I guess I just like a clean aesthetic.  So does Dallas.  I don't know if he'd admit it, but he kind of likes a psuedo-70s look: blond wavy hair, a bit of a bush, no tattoos, and nice natural tits.  Except, if I wanted fake ones, he'd totally "move some money around" to make it happen.  In fact, I'm pretty sure he was the one who put the whole idea of them in my head.
I mean, I was less-than-happy with my tits long before he came along, but I honestly never thought of getting them done.  Isn't that what porn stars and B-list celebrities do?  Nope.  Everyone (who can afford it) gets them done.  From Dallas' friends sister, to my aunt, know, everyone-ish.
So, I'm torn.  How often am I showing these things off?  Is this for me or someone else?  It should be for me, right?  And how do I rationalize paying for them when the thought of having to send the kids to post-secondary makes me physically ill?
And in the grand scheme of things, do they really matter?  To me or to anyone?  I don't want to be the selfish person spending my familes money on my boobs, going under the knife for no good reason, and then being laid up in bed for a week or so while everyone caters to me and my marvelous new breasts.  How would I even explain myself to my daughter?  Sounds prudish, but these are things I think/worry about.
I guess for now it will just be one of those things that I wish were different about myself but I'm not really prepared to do anything about.  Like chewing my nails and refusing to drive in the snow.

Tits up!

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