Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Everyone Else Is Boring

Below reads a letter to my friend Kate:

We need to plan a trip just you and I somewhere.  Montreal? Or do you have somewhere else in mind.  I'm easy peasy.
It might not be for a year or two but it will give me something to look forward to.

On another note: Dallas has banned me from going out with his friends as I become so drunk and disorderly.  Last time I rubbed his friends thigh, the guys did my hair (where did they get elastics from, and why did I let them do it?), I passed out in my booth, and then puked on the way home.  In our car. :( It was chinese food from Genesis.  Vermicelli...anyway....
I had a blast though and wasn't at all hungover the next day.  Yah!

So now I have no friends here which sucks.  I have a clothes club with Granny (you meet once a month to bitch with a bunch of ladies and eat treats and everyone puts in $25 dollars and then we draw names to see who wins the pot.  All the money has to be spent on something for yourself (purse, coat, shoes, etc.) It's fun but it's not exactly snorting rails at the Cambie, is it?
Not that that's what I want to do but I do want to be a bit rebellious and young when I go out.  Is that wrong?  All Dallas' friends are either married with kids so out of commission (at least together) as their kids are very young and someone needs to be at home with them or they are in new relationships and "playing house" and spending our nights out talking about possible dinner parties.  Dinner parties?  With you skinny fucks?  No thanks! You don't even have condiments in your fridge! And also, boring.  I'm inside being "good" all day: entertaining children, cooking them meals and trying not to swear in front of them.  It's like I'm hosting a perpetual dinner party and guess what, it sucks!

I want to smoke drugs on my few hours off between driving the kids to their classes & appointments, doing the dishes and scrubbing shit stains out of undies.  I want to listen to loud rock music, swear, tell bawdy jokes and rub some fucking thighs (in jest, of course!).  I feel like I'm on crazy pills!!!!! Why does everyone have to be a stick in the mud or, conversely, why do I have to be so crazy and want to do these things?


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