Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Butt Play

Dallas is into taking my butt virginity.  It's the taboo thing that this whitebread boy is going for so bring it on...I guess.
I'm not really into the idea though, I gotta tell ya.  That's not a very liberated-sounding thing for me to say.  But it's true.  I'm all for the IDEA of butt stuff but the actual execution does not get my wheels turning. 
Two words: rectal trauma
Things are supposed to come OUT of there, not go IN, right?  I mean, if you like, DO IT, by all means.  What is this blog for, if not to say YAY! YOU GO GIRL/GUY! CONSENTING ADULTS, GET FREAKY TONIGHT! But butts ain't my stuff.  I'll rim a job any day of the week, heck, if you want me to put something in there, I will but my butt is a sanctuary.  I don't want to fuck with it. Or fuck it.  That much.
Anyway, it's not just MY sex life as we are in a relationship and I'm not really caring too much what goes in and out of my butt (??!!) and I am curious so...
We've started with lube and what my friend Kate calls, "Ringing the doorbell," (playing sorta in and around butthole). Kinda makes me feel icky?
And now I have to be EVEN MORE vigilant on waxing?  
So far, butt play, you haven't won me over but we'll see...we'll see...

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