Monday, January 7, 2013


Since I (well we, but let's blame me because that's fucking convenient) decided to not circumsize our beautiful, perfect, tiny infant baby boy, I have received a lot of flack.
Who are these people and what is their preoccupation with my child's genitals? But for reals...?
They are my husband (now what he realizes that it's not as socially acceptable to not circumsize as he thought, or maybe just here in fucking Nowheresville, Canada.) Also, my mother in law, my husband's friends....
Ummm, fuck you people?
I'm not even going to BE that person that lists off all the reasons the operation used to be done and the tremendous amount of SUPER GOOD reasons not to in this day in age as it's a bit redundant (like, hello, are you fucking insane?) but it still really pisses me off when someone wants to bug me about it.
Yeah, people razz me about it! Like I let him wet his pants at a play park and thought "Meh" and didn't change him, or something.  No, this was a legitimate decision, something I can't go back on (EVEN IF I WANTED TOO--WHICH I DO NOT!) and also, none of your fucking business!
Someone actually quoted some bullshit on how today's generation of people who aren't circumsized (because their parents actually love them) are able to choose later in life to be circumsized.
As an adult.
Yeah, ok.  I'm sure there's lots of sane people getting that operation done.

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